Q-SalesManager isn’t only helping you to track everyday tasks and events but it also connects them with the particular client, product or person.

Regardless of company size everyone tend to be on top. We can help you achieve that.


  • Interface

    The interface adapts to the screen size, and retains the functionality and visibility whether it runs from a computer or a portable device (tablet, mobile phone).

  • Calendar

    Calendar displays all planned and completed visit and allows you to enter new planned visit to the selected date. Q-SalesManager allows managers to monitor all the activities carried out by a members of each team.

  • Analytic system

    Based on the pivot approach, it provides an extremely large display options for multidimensional data, in tabular and graphical form. Visits analytics and sales analytics enable you to view all types of operations and their results in a certain time dimension.

  • Orders

    During the visit, with Q-SalesManager, representative can easily record all agreements, and also generate orders that are automatically sent to the desired e-mail address with the generated order form.

  • Planning the visit

    Fast visit planning option make sit easier to plan visits for several clients in one click. This option speeds up the planning process. After the visit representative can enter all the key information about visit, a sort of report from the field, available for managers to see.

  • Communication and informing

    Communication within the teams is run by the system of public and private messaging. This way representatives and managers can send notifications by group messages, or keep talking to each other by private messages. Also, a brief description of the visit will be published as news to all users.


  • Showing locations of visits on the Google map
  • Filtering data in multiple levels
  • Editing Knowledge Base
  • Managing users and roles
  • Data about customers and their rank
  • Entering information about products, brand, type ...
  • Print all visits
  • Download data in Excel
  • Recording of the presented products, actions, POS materials and free product
  • Recording of tasks related to customer
  • Identifying the state of stock


  • The records of users and access control
  • Monitoring of key events in the event log
  • Secure communication within the system